41yrs Old
Valdez Ice Fest
Since 1983
Welcome to Valdez Ice Fest with more climbs than you can shake an ice screw at.

Valdez, Alaska, stands as an unparalleled destination for ice climbing enthusiasts, offering a unique and thrilling experience that sets it apart from other locations around the world. What distinguishes Valdez is its awe-inspiring natural beauty and challenging ice formations. Nestled between towering peaks and surrounded by pristine wilderness, Valdez provides a dramatic backdrop for climbers seeking both adventure and tranquility. The Keystone Canyon, in particular, is renowned for its sheer cliffs and frozen waterfalls, creating a mesmerizing frozen playground for those who dare to ascend.

One of the distinctive features of ice climbing in Valdez is the sheer variety of ice formations available. From vertical pillars of ice to cascading frozen waterfalls, climbers can challenge themselves with a diverse range of routes, each presenting its own set of technical challenges. The sheer abundance of ice in Valdez allows climbers of all skill levels to find routes that suit their abilities, making it an inclusive destination for both beginners and seasoned climbers. The constant transformation of the ice formations, influenced by the region's unique climate, ensures that every climbing experience in Valdez is truly one-of-a-kind.

Beyond the unparalleled ice climbing opportunities, Valdez offers an immersive experience in the heart of Alaska's wilderness. The crisp mountain air, untouched landscapes, and the chance to witness the Northern Lights dancing across the night sky make Valdez a destination that goes beyond the thrill of climbing. Visitors can connect with nature on a profound level, experiencing the untamed beauty of Alaska while engaging in an exhilarating and challenging sport. Valdez's combination of breathtaking scenery and world-class ice climbing opportunities makes it an irresistible draw for those seeking adventure in one of the most remarkable environments on Earth.

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